Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Do you offer payment options?

A: We have several options for you to make payments, whether you like to pay online, call in a credit card, or mail in a check. We can also negotiate a payment plan to suit your needs.

Q: Will rain prevent the application from being effective?

A: Insect, disease, and weed control sprays are rain fast after fifteen to thirty minutes.  At Santiam Spray Service we always try to give at least 4 hours.  Some applications such as Poa Annua control and fertilizers can be done in the rain since water is what activates these products.

Q: Will this hurt my pet ?

A: Most of our materials should not hurt your pets, even if there is exposure. We always recommend letting the material dry before allowing pets back into the treated area.

Q:  Do I need to spray my trees and shrubs 4 times a year for results?

A:  No, our program is intended for general health of your plants.  In some cases more or less treatments are necessary.  We would be happy to discuss all of your options with you.

Q: How long should I wait after fertilization to mow my lawn?

A: Generally speaking we like to see at least one watering cycle, or a heavy rain before you mow your lawn. We want to avoid having the mower pick up the fertilizer, or relocate the fertilizer to a high concentration that can harm the lawn.

Q: What will aeration do for my lawn and do you offer this service?

A: Aeration opens up the soil, allowing air and water penetration into the root zone of the grass. This process loosens compacted soil and improves root development thereby helping develop a stronger more stress resistant plant and improved thickness in the lawn.  We would be more than happy to provide this service for you and recommend doing it in the spring or fall.

Q: What insects do you control with your perimeter treatments?

A: We target crawling insects that enter your home, such as spiders, ants, millipedes, etc. We do not control termites or flying pests.

Q: How long should I wait to mow before or after a lawn care treatment?

A: We recommend that you wait to mow 24 to 48 hours after or prior to treating your yard.

Q: How safe are your products?

A: The materials which are used for all our applications are of a very low toxicity and are registered and used in strict compliance to labeled instructions. They are applied by licensed technicians in accordance with state and local regulations.